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”Across the Alps in twenty days”. That’s our project, the Ibex tour. Read about it shortly in English on this page. The other pages are in Swedish but you can have a look at the pictures and maps and other things.

Ibex 2011 completed!
The Ibex expedition across the Alps has been successfully completed. The final destination, Piazza Duomo in Biella, was reached on Friday 9 September at 14:10 pm. Pictures, stories and other comments will be presented here on, as soon as we have had some time to go through the material.

What is Ibex?
Ibex is an idea we have about crossing the Alps on foot, from Switzerland on one side to Italy on the other. The idea will become reality during three weeks in August and September 2011. The name of this expedition is Ibex 2011.

The tour in short
We will start in the small town of Bulle in Fribourg, Switzerland, on August 21, and reach our final destination, the city of Biella in Italy, on September 10. Four of us are doing the first two weeks through Switzerland, one or two will continue into Italy and to Biella. We will follow existing footpaths, over passes and mountain ridges, through valleys, villages and cities. We are moving only by foot, except for a few places where we will use cable cars. We will sleep and eat at inns and mountain huts.

The itinerary, from Bulle in Fribourg, Switzerland, to Biella in Italy

The participants
Four participants are starting the walk in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland, with the destination Saas-Fee in the  canton of Valais: Olof Lindquist, Peter Hallström, Åsa Holmgren and Agneta Magnusson. We are all experienced outdoor people and have already made several tours together, on skis, by foot, climbing or kayaking. After a short break in Saas-Fee, the group will split up. Olof has decided to continue into Italy and complete the tour but some of the others will finish their trek here.

Olof Lindquist, Peter Hallström, Åsa Holmgren and Agneta Magnusson

This is a picture of the Alpine Ibex, Capra ibex, from whom we have borrowed the name for our expedition. If you are lucky, you can get to see this inspiring animal in the Alps.

Capra ibex, the Alpine Ibex

As the Ibex project proceeds, this website will be developed and modified. Please e-mail your comments, questions or ideas about Ibex and these web pages to


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